Posted by : Jameson Durall Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sorry for my lack of posts lately...i'll try to pick up the pace.

Anyway, even though we've been really busy at work trying to final the game... Gracie Films brought up the movie for us to watch it the day before it was released.

Now let me begin by saying that I'm a life long Simpsons fan (and stoked to be working on the game) and was fully prepared for the movie to not be very good since the show has not been to great the last few years.

That said... It was one of the funniest movies i've seen in years. I was truly blown away. I'm sure a lot of my laughter was from being a long time fan of the show, but it was just genuienly funny.

Everyone should see it!
(and buy the game this fall)

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  1. Lark says:

    I saw it last night myself and really enjoyed it as well. I'm glad that they managed to make a great movie that captured what The Simpsons was all about, especially since I'm a life-long fan as well.

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