Posted by : Jameson Durall Sunday, April 29, 2007

There has been a lot of uncertantity coming up to the draft with the Browns holding the 3rd pick. For a long time I wondered who we would select out of Joe Thomas, Brady Quinn and Adrian Peterson. As it got closer to the draft, I had hoped we'd get Quinn to be our QB for the next 10 years (something we've sorely needed) but was also content with Thomas to sure up our terrible Offensive Line.

The 3rd pick comes along, and we take Thomas. I felt it was a solid pick, but I still had Quinn in my heart. They even showed pictures of him as a 4 year old wearing a Browns uniform, near where he grew up.

Quinn kept dropping down the draft board since most of the teams in the middle of the draft didn't need a QB. Then my dream came true... at pick 22 the Browns traded up to pick Quinn as well! How often can a team say they got BOTH of the top 3 projected picks that they coveted?

I'm so happy right now.

My boys over at Tiburon already have screenshots of these two in Browns uniforms:

Brady Quinn

Joe Thomas

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